Friday, August 20, 2010

If I could speak dog

I'd tell Ted how proud we are of his adjustment to our home, given he came in with a disadvantage.

I'd tell Otto he doesn't need to be afraid of his bum. Or his tail. We're not sure which one is creeping him out.

I'd tell Ted that he should model for puppy magazines, and ask him if he knows how beautiful he is.

I'd tell Otto that we love him so much, even when he's naughty (but that he should really try to listen more).

I'd tell Ted that we'll always be there to protect him from Otto's bite and bad knees, and not to be afraid.

I'd tell Otto that every time we leave we are coming back soon and not to cry.

I'd tell Ted that he doesn't have to come close to a heart attack when we feed him - the food is only seconds away.

I'd tell Otto how adorable he looks when he lays on his back.

I'd tell Ted that we'd love it if he gave less bites and more licks.

I'd tell them both how lucky I feel that they came into our lives.


  1. Your dogs are adorable! This post KILLED me, I had to leave my dog, Zola, back in the states while I travel... oh, good stuff, good stuff.

  2. Hey Lauren, thanks so much for reading! And sorry to hear you had to leave Zola behind, that must have been tough... but enjoy your travels - Zola will be thrilled to see you when you get back! :)


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