Thursday, June 3, 2010

Me again...

Yes I have been very slack with updating this blog... believe me... I know (said with guilty tone)

Excuses, excuses; but May has been a widlishly crazy month and blogging has, once again, had to take a back seat.

Blogging is a luxury. Work, food, rest, etc, are all survival things.

Here's a slice of what's been invading my mental and temporal space:

- B and I bought another dog... (are we mad?? The answer might be, well clearly, yes...) I shall blog more about this when I locate more of that elusive temporal space.

- I finished a university semester with a pile of nasty assessments, assignments (are they the same thing? Do not ask my fried brain), essays, exams and the like

- I've been finalising a whole bunch of important info for my business to get it launched by July - this is still not yet done (said with neurotic tone, and perhaps the sound of a pile of papers thrown across the room)

- Another massive and time-consuming thing has happened, of which I can't tell anyone yet, so hard to really talk about it here (what am I, cryptic-gal now?? once again, yes...)

- I went and hid in Macau to escape each of the said points

The bottom line is: I am still here, I am still a blogger, I just need some time to come up for air before any long-winded posts re-appear. In the meantime, I'll try to make some shorter posts just to keep things moving!

Plus, my daily photo blog with the gorgeous Belinda in Sydney is alive n' well:

Thanks for your patience, and here's a few piccies from May just to prove we all are still alive:

Our new dog, Ted, on the left (also known as the living Teddy Bear)

Otto's new reason for living: Ted's food

How happy was I to hit Macau

The better half - he keeps me sane

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