Friday, January 22, 2010

New You Tube video is up!

My latest makeup tutorial is based on Jennifer Aniston's gorgeous fresh, dewy, peachy look at this week's Golden Globe Awards.

How beautiful is that woman!

Here is the URL:

And p.s. this is what my table looks look before I shoot a makeup tutorial:

n.b. 'The Lucifer Principle' book is not mine, and looks rather creepy... I didn't even notice, I used it to prop up my mirror!

And here is what my table looks like after the chaos has struck:

I am fast running out of time to make these videos, they take A LOT of time - pretty much a whole day out of the week.

First I have to decide which look to do, then make sure I have the right products, then ensure I get the look right by doing a practise run.

Then on shooting day I have to re-organise my entire flat to create the right space and lighting, which involves the laborious task of moving furniture around, plus a zillion lamps.

Then I film the actual tutorial which takes around an hour in order to get each step right.

After that I clean up the cosmetic chaos and put back furniture and zillion lamps where they belong - did I mention a laborious task?

Then comes the editing: ingesting the vision; editing it all together; adding music, titles, graphics and subtitles; recording a voice-over; tweaking it; and then publishing it to You Tube.

And to think - all this time I could be playing with new puppy, cooking duck a l'orange, working on something that earns actual money, going for a walk, writing a love letter to my boyfriend, or reading "Committed" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

What am I thinking??

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