Friday, January 15, 2010

Confession from a Clothes-Trying-On Addict

So it happened again... I went clothes shopping today and ended up with a washing-size basket full of clothes to try on. They didn't even bother giving me the hangers.

And that was just the first of many stores I savaged.

I see it, I like it, I have to try it.

I'm one of those crazy women you see bulldozing her way through the racks, arms piled high with dresses, shirts, skirts, leggings, scarves, etc, trailing behind her - while the more discerning shoppers politely step through the mess, neatly carrying just one carefully thought-out item.

The sales girls look at me with glee, thinking "wow, she's going to buy all that!?" - and if they're on commission, they suddenly turn into rabid dogs feeding on their last meal.

Of course, I can't afford to buy 20 garments from one store, I just like to try on anything that looks cute, in the hope that at least one thing will look fantastic. Which I may or may not buy.

Poor sales girls.

If only they knew my intentions were never good.

But, thanks to some Christmas money from my pa, today turned into a bit of a haul:

2 dresses
2 shirts
1 skirt
1 pair of shoes
Face powder
Makeup brushes
False eyelashes (AGAIN - but these were a different size... good enough?)

Have a lovely Friday night!

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