Friday, September 16, 2011

It's good to be back.

Woweeeee!!!! I am back! And blogging! Anyone got a dart gun? That girl is high as a kite.

Forgive my elation outburst, I'm just really happy to be back with y'all, as I have missed blogging so much. And this time, I really hope I'm back for good (cheesy song line alert) as the chaos that preceded today is finally over. For now, anyway.

First of all, I have finally finished university! Can I order a collective high five? A round of tequila shots? A degree served medium rare alongside a bundle of baby potatoes? Oh yes, this degree was the giant thorn that ruled my backside for the past couple of years and it's finally been surgically removed. Thank you doctor, for saving my sanity.

Secondly, we just returned from our 10-night engage-moon in Thailand. If you can think of a thousand synonyms for the word 'bliss', then times that by twelve thousand, and then down three champagnes and ten chocolate-covered strawberries - that's about as much fun as this trip was. Well, for most of the time, anyway. We did pick the wettest month of the year and thus encountered two days of torrential typhoon-esque rain. But, other than those two days of reading in the room and watching movies, it was mostly a menu of such joys as reading, swimming, drinking cocktails, ocean gazing, photographing sunsets, snorkelling, fishing, sleeping, discussing wedding plans, eating green chicken curries, pad thais, tom yum goong soups, lemongrass and chilli prawns, bananas in coconut milk and... (the rest of this sentence has been deleted due to a sudden shower of drool on the keyboard.)

But, life isn't all pad thais, sunsets, diamond rings, fluffy pillows and blanco sangrias. So, now we are back in real life. Back to Monday work, much to plan, early mornings, dogs to walk, and reality to live.

But a few days of fantasy never hurt anybody, right? ;)

p.s. Thank you so much for all your lovely engagement congratulations! Please include your blog link (if you have one) with your comments as I'd love to check out your blog!

Signing off friends, with pics from paradise.


  1. What a shot of the happy couple at the end!! Congrats again. So happy for you. And Thailand shots look amazeballs. Happy memories all round, eh? Glad to have you back ;) x

  2. Your pictures are amazing!it looks like you had an incredible time. Congratulations on your engagement :)
    and here's the link to my blog

  3. Hi five precious! No more uni. SQUEE!
    Gorgeous photos miss.
    Email and tell me you loved the book. X


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