Monday, July 25, 2011

Someone's having a birthday today...

And that someone is... Me!
Am I allowed to out myself on my own birthday? I'm not fishing for birthday compliments, just casting it out there as it's all the news I have.

Today I turn 32, and so far I spent the day shopping, eating, drinking, dancing, romancing, reading, watching Julian McMahon on Nip/Tuck... studying.

Urgh. I was up at 6am to finish an assignment due this week, followed by the onset of some feverish symptoms and the hope that I can be in bed by 7pm tonight because I'm actually feeling quite sick.

Is this acceptable birthday behaviour?

At least I got to celebrate on the weekend... B and I are currently burning our way through the Harry Potter franchise like there's a fire on our heels... we watched two of the films this weekend (Are they all over 2.5 hours long? Doesn't JK Rowling know kids like us need to get to bed? Oh and when do they start getting good?)

Saturday was lovely though; on a beautiful morning we were up at 7am to go hiking before the Hong Kong heat set in at this gorgeous location:

... Except at 6:45am I received a text from the Hong Kong Observatory, which read: 

Very hot weather warning was issued at 6:45am.

6:45m and already stinking hot! Hong Kong, you cheeky little bugger, you. 7am not good enough for you, eh?

So despite our crack-of-dawn efforts on a Saturday morning (dogs - I hope you sacrifice a bone for us or something one day in return), within ten minutes were all sweating and gasping for air; little Otto eventually foaming at the mouth so we had to take him home before he, you know, DIED.

That night we hooked up with great friends and caught a ferry over to Lamma Island to share in some seafood shenanigans, before ferrying it back to a few bars for some dancing.

How did it all end? A 4am trip home and the hangover from hell on Sunday. The postscript reads I'm just a little too old to do that at the age of 32. But at least I gave it a go, right?


  1. Happy birthday from one fellow leo girl to another.I'm 32 on Saturday & dying from hangover today. Have a beautiful day!!

  2. a busy day-you can have a celebration on the weekend to make up for the work on your hope so!

  3. Belated happy birthday chicka!!!! Hope the study was successful and that you're feeing better? Beautiful sunny days at the moment eh? But oh my god, the HEAT!!! It's too much for me - I'm hibernating ;) xx

  4. Happy Birthday to you Natalie! I saw you on HGTV yesterday! I was like, I KNOW HER! :-) Small world in a very big Universe. I hope you have a great celebration.


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