Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cold. Brrrrr.

Due to an extreme case of coldness we've also had to sleep with the dogs the last few nights, because B hates to see them suffer in any way (so do I, but he's more the bleeding heart).

Last night little Ted was still freezing in the middle of the night (even in our bed) and kept squashing into B, unable to get warm... B ended up putting him under the doona between our pillows and he went right to sleep. Spoiled much?


  1. Hi Natalie! I have nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award, visit my blog to see what this entails... :)

  2. Wow, how lucky that you get to go to Florida! But who will keep the dogs warm while you are away?

  3. Enjoy Florida precious one. Insanely jealous here x

  4. Thanks lovely lasses... Snappy-Q, you're right! Hadn't thought of that... better call the dog nanny, hehe x

  5. I saw some photos of the snow in Florida on someone else's blog. It looks amazing.


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